Patricia Murphy Artist

My Inspiration

I am inspired by an eclectic variety of things. It is a feeling of noticing something intensely and being transfixed by it. It could be an idea, something I observe in the landscape, even something that I read about or see on TV. Mostly it is connected with the patterns of nature that I see around me and how they change all the time and yet have a sameness and consistency. I am intrigued by this apparent contradiction, the idea of the cycle of time that we call the seasons and years, that is constant and unchanging, yet is ever changing. It about us humans being awed by the primeval forces of nature which can inspire, sustain and overwhelm us.

While I make observational drawings of the landscape, I am not interested in “capturing a scene” or a moment in time in paint. What I am interested in is idea of the energy which underlies that combination of light, gravity, weather and human and animal interaction through time that have forged that moment .

My work is really inspired by energy, creative and natural energy, as expressed through the idea of light, weather and elemental things. I feel a bit like an intuitive scientist, observing, intrigued by what is making it all happen and investigating it by trying to make sense of it through my own visual language.

I am in love with the properties of light and energy as reflected through the colour spectrum and expressed through nature and time. Colour is so exciting to me; it is a form of energy, through its use I try and make what is static appear to move. I want my work to generate interest and energy in the eye of the viewer, so I use strong colour combinations and contrasts. I am interested in the way colour can be transformational in how people feel about themselves and their environments.